Rubber Products

Rubber Products
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Rubber Beadings

Available in many shapes and sizes, manufacturing of our rubber beading is done by natural rubber, neoprene, Vition, EPDM rubbers or as per the client requirements.Our rubber beading are available in various ranges that includes automotive rubber beadings. They are used in several kinds of application.

Rubber Diaphragms
Rubber diaphragms are versatile seals used in a wide range of applications to handle various fluids, air and vacuum sealing and flow requirements. Our rubber diaphragms are custom – designed and engineered to operate for specific pressures and pressure changes, mechanical requirements, fluid interaction and dynamic
Rubber Sheets
We manufacturer quality rubber sheets used in various industrial and commercial applications. These rubber sheets are customized as per the clients requirements in various length, size and thickness. These sheets are highly tensile, oilproof can withstand hi-temperature. These sheets confirm international quality and designed with accuracy and perfection.
Rubber Bellows
A variety of the rubber bellows, rubber dust boot and rubber cover we supply are custom made, and we are capable of attaining many other specifications that will meet your custom needs. Contact us and we will do best to find what you are looking for.
Rubber Packing’s
  • We are specializing in manufacturing rubber packing and fittings according to customer’s samples and / or drawling.
  • Rubber compound can be mixed to include high abrasion resistance, nonmarketing, weather aging, ozone and oil resistant characteristics

Rubber Fenders

D Type Rubber Fender : “D” type rubber fender displays higher energy absorption capacity. It can be mounted on quay wall by means of anchor bolts. It is also applicable to the tug and working ship, jellies and wharves, small size ship etc. This type of fender can be made in virtually any length.

Rubber Finder

Cylindrical fenders are simple and versatile as well as being easy to install. Their progressive reaction makes them ideal for berths serving large and small vessels.Depending on length of the finder it can be supplied in one or more sections.

Rubber Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are incorporated in pipe and duct system to take up thermal expansion pressure, vibration and misalignment, thereby preventing damage to the pipe work or ducting system. Now a days expansion joints are the most important part in industrial and energy plants. For all mediums like air fuel gas etc. they are installed in power plants gas turbine systems, FGD Systems, Pump Systems, Cement Industries, Chemical plants etc.