About the Group

Kanoor Group started as a service provider for SABIC affiliates and other Petro- chemical lndustries in Jubail. Kanoor Group is as one of the most dependable Organizations in the Middle East, having business interest in Trading & Contracting for the past 21 Years.

Kanoor Group is as one of the major suppliers who had an important role in the development of the Saudi Arabian Industrial sector became pioneers in serving all types of materials for Construction and industrial field. Represents world renowned manufactures / suppliers and also sourcing a wide range of materials and products as can be in the leaflet. Kanoor Group is core trading and contracting activities includes After Sales Service & Maintenance, Construction, Engineering, Healthcare, General & Industrial Safety/ Maintenance, Material Handling, Manufacturing, Production facilities, Welding, Spares, Accessories etc.

Kanoor group a caring, dynamic, forward looking companies where the staff and management have shared sense of pride with high expectations of the future, over the past years, have managed to achieve an undeniable reputation in the industrial supply market having strong customer database, professional sales personnel, outlets & premises; all key factors to success in addition to the extensive relationship with the governmental sector in Saudi Arabia making it one of the first pioneers in the market.

Kanoor Group realizing the demands and convenience of their valued customers the group expanding its operations in the kingdom with various business activities such as General Trading & Contracting, Construction and maintenance, Paint Decorative Division and Transportation & rental equipment etc., forecasting further development and path to success. Kanoor Group has consolidated our Infrastructure and activities to carry out all the requirements of the company including Contracting [Civil, Mechanical & Electrical], Operation & Maintenance.

Over the years, KANOOR Group roped in professional management, and has a simple, well defined organization structure that lends itself to the needs of the construction and maintenance sector. Today, KANOOR Group provides contracting and support service in diverse fields such as plant operation, plant maintenance, new plant construction, erection and project support services.

KANOOR Group today is considered a leading contractor providing quality services to the highest standards in plant construction and maintenance activates .Several lump sum projects have also been undertaken by the Company and completed successfully, well before the project schedule.

KANOOR Group personnel have played key roles in several projects for SAUDI ARAMCO and SABIC through Multination organization such as SEPCO, UCAN, Global lWl Company Ltd., Hyundai Engineering Co. Ltd., Siemens, Samsung, Doosan, CCC and others.

Weighing solution is a division of Kanoor group, well established in the market for providing weighing systems and calibrations for the industries.